The flats and oyster-bars have been very productive with nice trout and lots of Clearwater  redfish of all sizes.

Proper bait makes difference from the flats to the shallows

With the water temps staying consistent, fish are moving from deeper edges of the flats to shallower waters with broken bottoms and potholes. What has kept these predators on the flats is lots of small fry bait. Artificial’s have worked the best at times but also; live shrimp, pinfish and grass grunts under popping cork have been deadly.

Trout and Reds; current fishing averages

The trout have averaged 17 inches, up to as big as 24+ inches with a few larger one’s being caught. The redfish have been from 14 inches to 24 inches. The larger ones have been on the open Flats mixed in with the mullet.

Oyster Bars good for redfish lately

The oyster bars have been holding lots of redfish mainly the rat reds with a few bigger fish.

Snook still close by

Snook are still hanging on near the flats close to the canals so be sure to take advantage prior to their quick retreat to the warmer deeper waters in the near future.

Yes, we know more but can’t give all the secrets away

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