Mackerel time has come!

Spanish and King Mackerel are on their way as the water has started to cool down in the clearwater and Tampa bay areas with the shorter days. Bait has been plentiful, with scaled sardines, threadfin, shad, ladyfish and blue runners. This has started to cause the nearshore to explode with Spanish Mackerel, and a few of there big brother, the King Mackerel.

Best rig for Spanish Mackerel fishing in Clearwater

With the Spanish mackerel, you want to use a longshank aberdine style of hook, from a #1 to a #2 o/t with a 40 or 50lb florocarbon. This is ideal for Clearwater, to increase your strikes. If you’re getting bit off, use a 29 lb. 6″ piece of wire, for these toothy fish.

Best rig for King Mackerel fishing in Clearwater

For the King Mackerel, use a 12″ to 24″ main wire with a 2-3 o/t front hook, then a treble hook as a stinger rig. You should use a rig with a 40 lb. trace wire to match the size of the bait. The stinger hook should be a #6 to #4. This is the rig that Kingfish pro’s have used for years. There is no mackerel, shad lady fish, or mullet too big to catch that big smoker King mackerel. It’s just the start and will only get better after the first front makes it into the clearwater fl area. Now the time to book that charter and experience the speed of the species

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