Whether you are a pro or novice, sight casting with artificials, fly fishing or using live bait, true flats boat fishing is at the root of the charter fishing industry in Clearwater.

Skinny water charters is the last true Flats fishing business and the Clearwater FL area. Operating a 20-foot Backcountry flats boat that allows us to get into shallower waters to target redfish, trout and other fish species found in these shallow waters. Our flats boat allows us to be more stealthy which is what inshore Flats fishing is all about.

In the last decade, more and more charter captains have invested in much larger Bay boats. These larger crafts offer the captain the ability to host more charter guests on each trip but it comes with a cost. The larger Bay boats carry a heavy draft meaning they cannot operate in shallow water. Instead, they either venture into deeper waters where other trophy fish species can be found or they stay in the backwaters but those that do cannot get far into the flats, making it hard to target quality flats species fish. Instead they are forced to stay in deeper backwaters where popular spots can get crowded, not to mention much less scenic.

With the fall months ahead of us waters on the flats will be lower for which makes it ideal for the Skinny Waters skiff to get to where most charter boats can’t and give guests that shot at tailing redfish or big trout laid up in potholes.

So if you want to experience what true Flats fishing is all about come join Skinny Water Charters for the fishing adventure of a lifetime!

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