Even though Coronavirus is all over the media and places like Disney and other attractions are closing to help minimize the spread, charter boat fishing are a great alternative.

Clearwater Flats Fishing Update for Mid March 2020

With the warmer weather moving in, bait has shown up by the droves scaled sardines, threadfin herring and shad are all over the near-shore waters and flats of Clearwater FL.

King mackerel and Spanish mackerel

King mackerel and Spanish mackerel have shown up on the near-shore hard bottoms most king mackerel have ranged from 12 to 22 lb and the Spanish mackerel are 2 to5 lb which make for great table fare.

Redfish and trout

Speckled Trout

Speckled Trout

Redfish and trout fishing have been great and are on many different types of bottoms in the Clearwater Harbor Palm Harbor St Joseph Sound area.


Snook are starting to gather in larger numbers near the passes and entrances to canals.

The Sun’s Effect on Coronavirus

Multiple sources have speculated (not confirmed), included the CDC that although the coronavirus is known to survive longer on surfaces then other viruses, surfaces exposed to direct sunlight are said to be harder to for the virus to live as it degrades faster when exposed to direct sunlight or ultraviolet light. The sun has no effect however on those whom may have been already infected with the COVID19 virus.

“It can degrade when exposed to ultraviolet radiation from the sun.”

“Ultraviolet light can be a really powerful disinfectant and we get a lot of UVA light from the sun,” – Daniel Kuritzkes
“Direct sunlight can help rapidly diminish infectivity of viruses on surfaces,” 
– Daniel Kuritzkes

Don’t let the scare of the media stop your spring break Vacation and come out and enjoy beautiful weather and great fishing.

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