Dive Charters Key West

Dive Charters Key West

Diving trips happen to be one of the most popular activities if you like water. When looking for dive charters in Key West, do not forget to call YKnot Charters, one of the leaders in the field.

What are the five steps in a pre-dive safety check?

The steps are easy to remember by using the acronym BWRAF – Begin with Review and Friend.

Step 1 or B – refers to the Buoyancy Control Devices or shortly BCD. Your buddy will test the inflator and will ensure that the cylinder is in place.

Step 2 or W – the Weight. You will check that you have the right amount of weights and that the belt is trimmed correctly and fixed.

Step 3 or R – your buddy will confirm that Releases are secured and we will check if everyone knows how they work in case of an emergency.

Step 4 or A – stands from Air, and during this step, you should check if the regulator works properly by taking two or three breaths. Your buddy should also confirm that the air valve is fully open.

Step 5 or F – this is the Final check, making sure that everything is in place and working.

The professional dive charters in Key West will ensure that you understood, and you successfully passed the checks. We aim to have a joyful time together so that you will come back soon for another trip.

Basic scuba diving skills

It is unlikely that any diving operator will allow you to enter the water without training, unless if you already have a certificate. Our PADI instructor will teach you:

  • The hand signals – voice communication is not possible underwater, so we will show the basics signals like “get with your buddy” or “end the dive now.”
  • Free-flowing regulator – all regulators have a fail-safe design so in case of any malfunctioning they will go into a free flow mode. This means that rather than stopping the air flow, your regulator will continuously emit oxygen.
  • Gear removal – there may be instances when you will have to remove your equipment underwater, and we want to make sure that you master this skill.
  • Cleaning the mask – sometimes your mask will get water inside, or the glass will get foggy, and you will need to fix these issues without resurfacing.
  • Purging the regulator – the regulator is designed to push water out when you exhale so by breathing the water will get out.

How do I start diving?

If you have no previous experience, you can directly approach the dive charters in Key West for an introductory course and the first real scuba dive in your life. At the minimum, we will require you to get your towel and the flipflops, and we will bring the know-how and the gear.

Following the first dive, you can then decide if you liked it and you want to continue, or maybe you will think that diving is not for you. Regardless of your decision, we at YKnot Charters will wait for you to show up for a new adventure!

Dive Charters Key West

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Dive Charters Key West

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