The effects of winter-like weather will dictate the quality of fishing for this month. This depends upon how many cold fronts are still in our future. When water temps creep down below 60 degrees, many fish along our coast will slow down their metabolism in order to survive. They require less food than the warmer months, making some days on the water a task. The cold front coming thru our state today will have definite effect on many species, since temps are supposed to drop into the 30’s in many parts of the state.

The best tactic to use at this time is pick your species of fish to target properly. Inshore fish like trout, red and black drum and sheepshead seem to be not as affected by the cold. These are the species you’ll want to target in the back bay and canals with deeper docks and less water movement which make for water temps to be 2 to 4 degrees warmer which can make all the difference.

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