After the latest cold fronts the weather has gotten warm again in Florida and has brought the water temperatures back to the high 60s. Scaled sardines and Threadfin Herring have shown back up due to the warm weather. This won’t last long until the next cold front but for now it’s making for some great snook, trout, and red fishing.

Areas to look for: Very clean water deaths from 2 foot to 5 foot of water. Most of the big trout have been hanging out in 3 to 5 ft depth range and big potholes adjacent to Grass Flats. The red fish have been around the oyster bars and out on the open Flats foraging for crabs and shrimp. You can find them easily by moving extremely slow with a poling platform or a tower scanning the flats for them and once you locate them a live shrimp can’t be refused.

The snook are still in the passes and in canals close to the passes or near Creek Mouths if you can get a good number of white Bay throw a few freebies out that will get them fired up and start the feeding Frenzy most of the snook have been between 24 and 31″.

Till next time, tight lines and have a great holiday and New Year’s!

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