Best Fishing in 20 Years

From Indian Rocks Beach to Clearwater in the backwaters on the flats, red fishing and snook have been incredible. Our last three charters that were half days reeled in over 60 redfish ranging in size from 24in to 30in.

During the same time we also pulled in at least 30 Snook from 30in up to 38in. This has been some of the best red fishing and snook fishing I have seen in 20 years.


Is Red Tide Effecting the Fishing?

Even though we have had bouts of red tide we’ve been lucky as it is not killing any game fish. There was a very small part of Tampa Bay that was affected and most of the fish were able to escape from the red tide due to the way Tampa Bays water moves.


Where To Find Redfish and Snook

That said, we have noticed that between a great deal of mangrove cutting and potentially the red tide, Reds and Snook are not being found around structures like docks, trees, mangrove lines, or bridges. Instead we seen there are stronger numbers of these fish out in the open flats.


Best bait for Reds and Snook

We’ve seen best results hooking reds and snook by using scaled sardines, cut lady fish and live small pin fish if you can capture these. I fear that red tide has had huge effect on the population of pin fish so I wish you the best of luck in securing some of these to use as bait.


A little rant about how messed up our Fishery regulations are

I get amazed at the organization’s that want full-time closures and Captain’s with high profiles and TV shows say nothing until they came up with another 1yr of closure for redfish and snook. Then all  in the sudden we see them posting pictures day in and day out of redfish and snook and saying how great The Fishery is. We have 1% of captains and organizations that make the choice  for 99% of the fishing sector, not listening to the industry captains.  This needs to be changed.

Ultimately, regardless of red tide and regulations, the fishing is incredible right now.   If you want to come have a great time and catch lots of fish give us a call at 727-204-9626 or book online now.

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