With the recent cold fronts that blew 50km to 70km our inshore fish have scattered and have been pushed to deeper water and structures. Redfish have also been really scattered around.

Where to find the fish for Clearwater area inshore fishing:

Look for areas out of the norm such as deep dock drop off of sandbars ext. Thing are improving being it’s been 11 days since the wind blew so hard. For Trout, they will be in the same areas, and you can utilize these same tactics.  As the weather clears, look for the Redfish and Trout to move up on the flats with the big Mullet schools. Concentrate on areas with potholes, oyster bars and spoil islands  and shallow flats with drop offs.

Where to look for best inshore fishing clearwater

Where to look for best inshore fishing clearwater

Best bait / lure / tackle

Start with a jig such as a 1/4 ounce jig head with shrimp on the docks or deeper drop off of the flats. With small bait starting to show up, this is the time of  year where live small pinfish, grass grunts and shrimp underneath a cork will usually get the job done.

With spring just around the corner, Now is the time to start booking your spring and summer trips.

-Capt’ Craig 

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