With the current low pressure system (July 10th, 2019) generating excessive rain in the Clearwater/St. Petersburg area slowly moving away; look for fishing to fire up!

After tremendous rainfall, water temperatures see a significant drop. Temps were at 90 degrees just under a week ago and have dropped down to the low 80s where they will likely stay for the next few days.

This will get the snook, redfish and tarpon much more active in the Pinellas/Clearwater waterways.

Where to find the fish:
Redfish will be around the mangroves islands and open flats with big potholes as well as around the oyster bars.
Mullet: If you don’t find mullet in those same areas move on until you find them to be productive with the Redfish.

Snook will still be on the beaches and start moving more towards the passes and back-waters where freshwater runoffs from creeks or spillways.
Tarpon will be on the beach still just not as big of schools. As we’ve been watching where the fish are traveling and hanging out we’ve found the backwaters with deeper cuts to be productive with tarpon. Find them here and be sure to follow keep an eye out as they will start changing up their pattern soon.

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