Starting off with the BIG news:

Finally redfish and trout will open at midnight on May 31st after a three and a half year closure so we finally get to harvest these delicious fish for ourselves and clients to enjoy. This opening signals a strong rebound in the health of these fish species along our Gulf Coast waters.


The Tarpon are back!

The Tarpon have shown up on the West Central Beaches from St. Petersburg to Tarpon Springs. These fish are in giant schools.

Best times to target the Tarpon

The best time to target these brawlers is from daybreak to around 10 AM as well as the minors and majors of the tides throughout the rest of the day.

Due to excessive boat traffic off the beaches I prefer the early start being as summer vacation starts in June lots of jet skis and boats are everywhere.

2021 Tarpon Sizes

The Tarpon have been ranging from 80 to 150 Lbs and is just started this will get even better as we enter the full moon at the end of May and June is the high point as well as July for tarpon and the Clearwater West Central beaches of Pinellas County

Now is the time to book your trip for the thrill that only the King can bring.


Fishing for Reds

Red Fish Caught in Clearwater, Fl

Red Fish Caught in Clearwater, Fl

Red fishing has been strong on the flats. These bulldogs are feeding on whitebait and hard plastic jerk baits. The average fish are ranging from 26 to 34 inches.


Small Snook on Tap

Snook are up and down the beaches and in the passes. White bait has been the bait of choice to coax these weary fish into feeding. Fish ranging from 5 to 20 Lbs. has been the norm.

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