Rupp Line Guides

Rupp Line Guides

When it comes to Rupp line guides there are three that you should be aware of. The first is the Nok-Out brand, and bear in mind that this is the top of the line when comes to guides from Rupp so you might not want to put that much into your fishing quite yet. These are roller guides that offer all of the benefits and features that roller guides normally offer and they also give you twin tension adjustment, one-handed operation and easy loading so that you can respond when you need to when the action gets hot. Also, these are really solid designs and they are very good trolling guides for the serious sport fisherman.

There are also Klickers to be aware of. These are actually better for trolling than the Rupp Nok-Out guides and that is saying a lot. These were designed for just about any bait or lure that you can think of and it is absolutely smooth no matter what is going on. Because of how it is designed, even twist knots, double lines and more can pass through easily. If you are a trolling fisherman, this is definitely your line guide.

The last one that we will talk about are zip-clips and these are the lower end of the spectrum when it comes to Rupp products, but still very good. These are great for downriggers, outriggers and flat lines and are incredible versatile while still performing amazingly.

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