Where to find em’

Redfish action has been steady lately around the Clearwater Flats back bay waters as well as the mangrove shorelines, oyster bars, residential docks and canals.

How to hook em’

These fish love to feed on the smaller pinfish, grass grunts shrimp and cut baits. However, they will take artificials like the gold spoons topwater and soft plastics such ad a exude dart on 1/8oz jig head working slowly around the structures such docks  and shorelines.

Time it right for Reds

Especially up in the shallows when the water is moving we are finding the best redfish cooperation.



Where to find em’

Trout bite very well this time of year. During the day we find them biting best across many areas but especially around the edges of the flats, potholes up on the flats. At night we seeing success around the structures and lights of the passes but keep in mind that residential dock lights work well too.

When to fish

Much like Reds, Trout can be best found when the water is moving so don’t go at dead high or low, give that tide some time to get moving and cast away.

How to hook em’

Live shrimp or grass grunts are the best ideas for trout this time of year or slow moving artificial lures that mimic what these guys are eating best.



Where to find em’

Snook have been scattered around the Clearwater, Dunedin and Saint Joseph sound areas. With the warm waters due to short cold fronts / lack of cold fronts they have been more confused than usual. You’ll find them on open Flats close to canals or Rivers as well as around the passes right now till the water gets in the low sixties look for this pattern to continue in our area.

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