With January being such a warm month water temperatures had pushed back into the mid 60s bringing a push of white bait AKA scaled sardines and threadfin herring into the back Waters of clearwater.

Even even though we’ve had this influx of bait and have been waking up early to catch these morsels to have one more type of bait to use. live shrimp and small half dollar size pin fish are still working the best for trout and redfish. Fish have been moving quite frequently you will find trout and redfish in the same areas with the mullet schools on low water and high water but with cold fronts that are not really chilling the waters down these fish become confused and are tough to locate.

But since the water temperature has stayed stable for the last week and a half finally had a really good push spotted sea trout and redfish push up on the spoil Islands and shorelines of clearwater and Indian Rocks Beach grass Flats. Snook have been far and few and in between due to they are sensitive to atmospheric change of the small fronts that have come through they are mainly at the mouths of canals a few roaming the flats close to canals where they can reach deeper water and warmer water. Look for fishing to continue to be the same it has been good just a lot of moving which allows clients to check out famous mansions the back Waters where you feel like you’re in old Florida and many different areas throughout Indian Rocks Beach, Dunedin to Tarpon Springs.

Come enjoy a great day fishing.

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