With Clearwater water temps are in the 90s we are happy to report the fishing is equally HOT. Getting an early start to your fishing is key to beat the heat for catching tarpon, snook, redfish and other Clearwater inshore species.

Tarpon Charter Boat

Tarpon Charter Boat Clearwater Fl

Best spot to get on the Tarpon

Tarpon have been feeding consistently on the nearshore swim buoys off Clearwater Beach. Be sure to adhere to regulations and be careful casting around swimmers.

Best bait for Tarpon in this summer heat

Our bait of choice has been pinfish being they are spawning in the Gulf right now but having a few threadfin herring and horse eyed pilchards can also make the difference when you’re having a hard time interesting the Tarpon.


Redfish Charter Boat inland Fishing

Redfish Charter Boat inland Fishing

Position yourself for Redfish

Redfish have been feeding really well during increased tide flow. Try to go while the tide is really moving and not during the peak low or high.

Bait the hook for Reds

Best bait has been cut pinfish and ladyfish. Most redfish we’ve been catching in Clearwater have been averaging 22 to 28in.

Happy Skinny Water Charters client holding a nice Redfish

Happy Skinny Water Charters client holding a nice Redfish


Best spot for Snook fishing in Clearwater

Best spot for Snook fishing in Clearwater

Where to find the SNOOK

Snook are everywhere from the beaches to the jetties bridges, spoil islands, the shorelines and the inshore flats of Clearwater. Our average snook catch is around 30 to 40in.

Skinny Water Charters guest holding snook

Skinny Water Charters guest holding snook

Best bait for hooking snook

Best baits have been scaled sardines, threadfin herring, grunts + pinfish either free lined or under a cork.


Bottom-line, best fishing tip for you

Really the best tip we can give you is do whatever it takes to fish early. You should be prepping while it’s still dark out and hitting the water at just day break for the best possible results and time on the water. If you’re still on the water after 11am prepare yourself for a sweltering time on the water. Even in the early hours is still possible to catch a gnarly sunburn so dress appropriately.

Thanks for reading, hope it helps!

Sincerely, Capt Craig

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